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Top Perfuforum 2021

Best perfumes with tobacco note for men

1.Slumberhouse Jeke ExDP (B, 2008 ♂) smoky-spicy; tobacco INFO ➔5.6005-#mens-tobacco
2.Aramis Tobacco Reserve EDP (M, 2018 ♂) spicy-smoky; tonka bean INFO ➔5.3333-#mens-tobacco
3.Phaedon Tabac Rouge (B, 2013 ⚥) sweet-spicy; honey, turkish tobacco absolute INFO ➔5.091116.50
4.Tom Ford Private Blend: Tobacco Oud EDP (B, 2013✝ ⚥) woody-spicy; tobacco INFO ➔5.0002712.06#mens-tobacco #alpha
5.Bortnikoff Tabac Doré ExDP (B, 2021 ⚥) woody-spicy INFO ➔5.0003-
6.Jacques Zolty Parfums de Havane - Cubata EDP (M, 2019 ⚥) spicy-woody; tobacco INFO ➔5.00044.19
7.Roja Parfums Enigma Pour Homme EDP (B, 2013✝ ♂) spicy-sweet; cognac, tobacco, vanilla INFO ➔4.9703331.98#mens-tobacco #beast
8.L'Artisan Parfumeur Tea For Two EDT (B, 2000 ⚥) spicy-smoky; lapsang souchong tea, tobacco, honey INFO ➔4.83330-#mens-tobacco
9.Daniel Josier Ambre Tabac (M, ♂) sweet-spicy; tobacco INFO ➔4.80010-
10.Frapin Speakeasy (B, 2012 ⚥) spicy-sweet; tobacco INFO ➔4.75046.94
11.Mugler A*Men Pure Havane EDT (M, 2011✝ ♂) sweet-gourmand; honeyed tobacco INFO ➔4.644877.00#mens-tobacco #compliments #autumn
12.Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Classic EDT (M, 1978✝ ♂) spicy-oriental; aldehydes, patchouli, tobacco, amber, tonka bean INFO ➔4.615130.75
13.Aramis Havana EDT (M, 1994 ♂) spicy-woody; tobacco INFO ➔4.546332.50#mens-tobacco #classic
14.Amouage Boundless EDP (M, 2021 ⚥) spicy-woody INFO ➔4.471177.85
15.Bvlgari Blv pour Homme EDT (M, 2001 ♂) fresh-spicy; juniper berry, ginger, tobacco flower INFO ➔4.42972.19
16.Creed Tabarome Millésime EDP (B, 2000 ♂) spicy-woody; lemon, tobacco INFO ➔4.400255.93#mens-tobacco
17.Mancera Red Tobacco EDP (B, 2017 ⚥) spicy-sweet; tobacco INFO ➔4.372433.79#mens-tobacco #beast
18.Rania J. T.Habanero (B, 2014 ⚥) woody-spicy; cardamom, black tobacco INFO ➔4.333311.95
19.Versace Dreamer EDT (M, 1996 ♂) floral-sweet; tarragon, tobacco flower INFO ➔4.310840.95#mens-tobacco #classic
20.Calvin Klein CK One Shock for Him EDT (M, 2011 ♂) sweet-spicy; lavender, cardamom, ambreine, tobacco INFO ➔4.188800.53
21.Olivier Durbano Pyrit Ana Tra (B, 2018 ⚥) resinous-woody; petitgrain, liquorice, cumin, mastic, oud INFO ➔4.16769.65
22.Emanuel Ungaro Ungaro Man EDT (M, 2008✝ ♂) fresh-woody; tobacco, cedarwood INFO ➔4.071140.37
23.Axe Urban (Tobacco and Amber) EDP (M, 2016 ♂) spicy-sweet; tobacco, amber INFO ➔3.90911-
24.Valentino Very Valentino for Men EDT (M, 1999✝ ♂) spicy-woody; sage, lavender, tobacco INFO ➔3.905216.25
25.Baldessarini Del Mar Seychelles EDT (M, 2009✝ ♂) fresh-spicy; tobacco INFO ➔3.83318-
26.Trussardi Inside for Men (M, 2006✝ ♂) woody-spicy; tobacco, teakwood INFO ➔3.6005-