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Best perfumes with patchouli note for men

1.Naso di Raza Use Black (M, 2019 ⚥) animal-spicy INFO ➔5.6673-
2.Guerlain Héritage EDP (M, 1992 ♂) spicy-woody; patchouli INFO ➔5.66762.74
3.Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel: Coromandel EDP (B, 2017 ⚥) earthy-woody; patchouli INFO ➔5.529177.67#patchouli
4.Profumum Roma Patchouly EDP (B, 2004 ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔5.500410.35#patchouli
5.Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Fraicheur EDT (M, 1993✝ ♂) citrusy-spicy; amber, ginger, patchouli, vetiver INFO ➔5.45511-
6.Liquides Imaginaires Peau de Bête - Eau de Peau EDP (B, 2015✝ ⚥) animal-spicy; indonesian patchouli INFO ➔5.40058.34
7.Guerlain Héritage EDT (M, 1992 ♂) spicy-woody; patchouli INFO ➔5.309942.19#wedding #classic
8.Lorenzo Villoresi Patchouli EDT (B, 1996 ⚥) earthy-woody; patchouli, patchouli, patchouli INFO ➔5.308134.20
9.Nishane Pachuli Kozha (B, 2014 ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔5.28679.98#patchouli
10.Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Patchouli Intense EDP (B, 2009 ⚥) spicy-earthy; lavender, geranium, patchouli INFO ➔5.25085.75
11.Roos & Roos Mentha Religiosa (M, 2016 ⚥) spicy-floral; petitgrain, iris, patchouli INFO ➔5.25047.99
12.Frederic Malle Monsieur EDP (B, 2016 ♂) earthy-woody; patchouli INFO ➔5.250413.19#beast #patchouli
13.Santa Maria Novella Patchouli EDC (M, ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔5.20055.65
14.Tom Ford Private Blend: Patchouli Absolu EDP (B, 2014✝ ⚥) earthy-woody; patchouli INFO ➔5.200527.14
15.Nishane Múnegu ExDP (B, 2014 ⚥) spicy-earthy; patchouli INFO ➔5.18211-#patchouli
16.M. Micallef Jewel for Him EDP (B, 2011 ♂) spicy-woody; patchouli, cedarwood INFO ➔5.136225.95
17.Diptyque Tempo EDP (B, 2018 ⚥) earthy-spicy; indonesian patchouli INFO ➔5.12587.33#patchouli
18.L'Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses (B, 1993 ⚥) floral-earthy; patchouli INFO ➔5.09111-
19.Guerlain L'Instant Pour Homme EDT (M, 2004 ♂) woody-spicy; cocoa, patchouli INFO ➔5.0441131.81
20.Jovoy Incident Diplomatique EDP (B, 2017 ⚥) woody-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔5.000165.29#beast #vetiver
21.Jovoy Psychédelique EDP (B, 2011 ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔5.000376.55#beast #patchouli
22.Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli EDP (B, ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli, patchouli, patchouli INFO ➔5.00052.41#patchouli
23.Memo Graines Vagabondes - Vaadhoo EDP (B, 2019 ⚥) earthy-woody INFO ➔5.00037.24
24.Mancera Sand Aoud (B, 2011 ⚥) spicy-woody; spices, saffron, frankincense, oud, patchouli INFO ➔5.00032.24
25.Guerlain L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme EDP (M, 2015 ♂) gourmand-spicy; cocoa, patchouli INFO ➔5.00042.49
26.Serge Lutens Bornéo 1834 EDP (B, 2005 ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔5.000613.10
27.Tom Ford Noir EDP (M, 2012✝ ♂) spicy-oriental; violet, iris, indonesian patchouli INFO ➔4.967308.60
28.Yves Saint Laurent M7 Oud Absolu EDT (M, 2011 ♂) oud, patchouli, myrrh INFO ➔4.9521045.22
29.Davidoff Zino EDT (M, 1986✝ ♂) woody-spicy; rosewood, patchouli, sandalwood INFO ➔4.9281530.66#barbershop
30.Amouage Midnight Flower Collection: Bracken Man EDP (B, 2016 ♂) spicy-woody; cypress, provençal lavender, patchouli INFO ➔4.924665.86#fougere #beast #barbershop
31.Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense EDP (M, 2011 ♂) powdery-oriental; amber, myrrh, patchouli INFO ➔4.893562.69
32.M. Micallef Akowa EDP (B, 2015✝ ⚥) spicy-woody; patchouli, vetiver INFO ➔4.882178.95
33.Kilian Straight to Heaven White Cristal EDP (B, 2007 ♂) woody-spicy; rum INFO ➔4.8713111.98#formal #patchouli
34.Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade EDP (B, 2008 ♂) spicy-leathery; patchouli, leather INFO ➔4.840253.10#leather
35.Valentino V Pour Homme EDT (M, 2006✝ ♂) sweet-oriental; patchouli, vanilla, amber INFO ➔4.82128-
36.Tom Ford Extreme EDT (M, 2007✝ ♂) spicy-woody; cinnamon, plum, patchouli, truffle INFO ➔4.81811-#dates #bed-men
37.Laboratorio Olfattivo Patchouliful (M, 2014 ⚥) spicy-earthy; patchouli INFO ➔4.80054.84
38.Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze - Javanese Patchouli EDT (B, 2012 ♂) java patchouli INFO ➔4.80010-
39.Parfums de Marly Nisean EDP (B, 2016✝ ⚥) spicy-resinous; saffron, frankincense INFO ➔4.765174.68#patchouli
40.Givenchy Gentleman EDT (M, 1974 ♂) spicy-leathery; patchouli, patchouli INFO ➔4.75397-#classic
41.Montale Patchouli Leaves EDP (B, 2006 ⚥) earthy-woody INFO ➔4.750243.10#beast #patchouli
42.Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve (B, 2017 ⚥) spicy-powdery; iris, patchouli INFO ➔4.75047.40#iris
43.Salvador Dali Dali pour Homme EDT (M, 1987 ♂) spicy-animal; tarragon, lavender, moss INFO ➔4.73152-#beast
44.Cacharel Nemo EDT (M, 1999✝ ♂) spicy-woody; cardamom, lavender, nutmeg, labdanum, patchouli INFO ➔4.70010-
45.Aedes de Venustas Palissandre d'Or (B, 2015 ⚥) woody-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔4.66767.99
46.Baldessarini Signature EDT (M, 2020 ♂) woody-fresh INFO ➔4.66761.67
47.Aramis Aramis 900 EDC (M, 1973 ♂) spicy-floral; rose, patchouli INFO ➔4.667121.19#classic
48.Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio for Men EDT (M, 1984✝ ♂) spicy-woody; patchouli INFO ➔4.667540.51
49.Perris Monte Carlo Essence de Patchouli (B, 2012 ⚥) earthy-floral; patchouli INFO ➔4.66737.69
50.Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Classic EDT (M, 1978✝ ♂) spicy-oriental; aldehydes, patchouli, tobacco, amber, tonka bean INFO ➔4.615130.75
51.Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Le Parfum EDP (M, 2015 ♂) leathery-woody; cascalone®, violet leaf absolute INFO ➔4.615131.19
52.Guerlain Guerlain Homme Intense Pininfarina Collector EDP (M, 2011✝ ♂) citrusy-woody; peppermint, rum, patchouli, vetiver, cedar INFO ➔4.5717-
53.Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur EDT (M, 1972 ♂) spicy-leathery; patchouli INFO ➔4.57171.14
54.Lacoste Cool Play (M, 2006✝ ♂) fresh-woody; bergamot, mandarin orange, pepper, cedarwood, patchouli INFO ➔4.5717-
55.Byredo M/Mink (B, 2010 ⚥) synthetic-woody; adoxal INFO ➔4.50012-
56.Montale Oud Dream EDP (B, 2019 ⚥) woody-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔4.50043.39
57.Lalique Hommage à l'Homme Voyageur EDT (M, 2014✝ ♂) spicy-woody; cardamom, vetiver, patchouli INFO ➔4.44949-
58.Baldessarini Ultimate EDT (M, 2015✝ ♂) spicy-woody; patchouli, frankincense, amber, leather INFO ➔4.40052.10
59.Lorenzo Villoresi Atman Xaman EDP (B, 2018 ⚥) resinous-spicy; patchouli, cistus, everlasting flower INFO ➔4.33335.15
60.Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche EDT (M, 2006✝ ♂) fresh-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔4.33391.75
61.Jasper Conran Mister EDT (M, 2007✝ ♂) spicy-woody; patchouli, musk, tobacco INFO ➔4.3333-
62.Davidoff The Game Intense (M, 2013✝ ♂) woody-sweet INFO ➔4.2005-
63.Jōvan Sex Appeal for Men Cologne (M, 1976 ♂) spicy-oriental; spices, patchouli INFO ➔4.20050.32
64.Yves Rocher Nouveau Genre EDP (M, 2019 ⚥) sweet-woody; indonesian patchouli, tonka bean INFO ➔4.20010-#cosy #bed-men
65.Christian Dior Maison Christian Dior: Patchouli Imperial (B, 2011 ⚥) earthy-spicy; patchouli INFO ➔4.2005-
66.Mugler Ice*Men EDT (M, 2007✝ ♂) fresh-spicy; musk, patchouli INFO ➔4.167125.99
67.S.T. Dupont Passenger pour Homme EDT (M, 2008✝ ♂) woody-spicy; violet leaf, guatemala cardamom, pink pepper, indonesian patchouli INFO ➔4.12580.97
68.Cartier Pasha de Cartier EDT (M, 1992 ♂) spicy-woody; thyme, oakmoss, patchouli INFO ➔4.050201.89#ceo
69.Arrogance Arrogance Pour Homme (1982) EDT (M, 1982 ♂) spicy-leathery; patchouli INFO ➔4.0004-
70.S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise for Men (M, 2011 ♂) aquatic-green; patchouli INFO ➔4.0003-
71.M. Micallef Patchouli EDP (B, ⚥) earthy-oriental; patchouli INFO ➔4.00034.15
72.Lalique Lalique pour Homme Le Faune EDP (M, 2000✝ ♂) sweet-oriental; lavender, amber, patchouli INFO ➔3.8758-
73.Ralph Lauren Polo Black EDT (M, 2005 ♂) fruity-woody; tonka bean INFO ➔3.833121.75#patchouli
74.Guerlain L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme L'Instant d'un Été EDT (M, 2006✝ ♂) citrusy-fresh; grapefruit, neroli, star anise, patchouli, cocoa bean INFO ➔3.6673-
75.Lacoste Essential EDT (M, 2005 ♂) fresh-green; tangerine, bergamot, tomato leaf, blackcurrant, rose INFO ➔3.519521.06
76.Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision EDP (M, 2020 ♂) synthetic-sweet; nutmeg, fir balsam, labdanum INFO ➔3.50043.53
77.Cerruti CerrutiSí EDT (M, 2003✝ ♂) woody-sweet; ginger, mandarin orange, cedar, benzoin, patchouli INFO ➔3.50010-
78.David Beckham Beyond EDT (M, 2015 ♂) sweet-fruity; black pepper, patchouli INFO ➔3.25040.51
79.Kenneth Cole R.S.V.P. EDT (M, 2006✝ ♂) woody-spicy; pepper, orchid, cashmere wood, patchouli INFO ➔3.16761.79
80.Hugo Boss XY EDT (M, 2007 ♂) woody-fresh; cedar, basil, musk, patchouli, cedar INFO ➔3.000121.69
81.Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut EDP (B, ⚥) floral-powdery INFO ➔2.66733.49
82.Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision EDP (M, 2020 ♂) synthetic-sweet; nutmeg, fir balsam, labdanum INFO ➔2.636113.53
83.Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme Living Stromboli EDT (M, 2012✝ ♂) fresh-citrusy INFO ➔2.50042.23